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Brownies, perfect for gifting.  Birthdays, valentines, Easter, Christmas
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Brownies, perfect for gifting.  Birthdays, valentines, Easter, Christmas


My brownie story...

Welcome to the indulgent world of handcrafted artisanal brownies, where every bite is a burst of rich, complex flavours.  Crafting mouthwatering delights including a range of vegan and gluten-free options.

Craving for that nostalgic goodness of timeless, retro dessert? Look no further!  We lovingly whisk into a symphony of nostalgia, with a palate of retro desserts too!

My love for chocolate started from a young age when one of my aunts worked for Cadburys, shortly followed by my mum working there.  They would bring home carrier bags of chocolate on a monthly basis, they would be hidden in a different place every time in hope we, the children, wouldn’t find them.  Little did they know, we knew exactly where they would go every time and raid the stash! We would of course deny all knowledge when they notice it’s nearly all gone or even blame the other sibling.  I think I got the blame most of the time!!



Over the years, I have perfected my brownie recipe, with many trial and errors, not that I or anyone in my household ever complained about having to taste so many brownies!  The perfect amount of chocolate, not overly sweet, flawlessly chewy with a proper bite! 


They are also filled with a variety of flavours to give it that little something extra.


Brownie Che is the perfect option for you, a friend, family or employee.  A birthday, a thank you, an I miss you, I’m thinking of you, whatever the message, it will definitely make that someone smile.


My homemade to order brownies are made with quality ingredients and handled with care, from the breaking of the eggs through to the packaging process.

All about me and how my journey started.
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